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Sterilization and Disinfection Chain

sterilizasyon zinciriSterilization is the process of completely freed from any object or body disease-causing microorganisms. In our clinic the sterilization process is a top priority and which never compromised. Treatment in a clean and hygienic environment, the health of our employees is very important to both of our patients. That's why our clinic for treatment and control of our every patient disposable (disposable) products are preferred. Protective masks and latex gloves used by doctors and assistants are disposable, is changed for each patient. In our clinic, the dental specialty disposable syringes, needles, plastic cups they rinsed the mouth of the patient.

dezenfeksiyon zinciriAnesthetic solutions, especially during large tool bits absorb blood and saliva in the mouth small treat many materials used in a single patient and then discarded. The prevention of pollution of disposable protective gowns are used for each patient the patient's clothes. Shoe purpose of a machine at the entrance of our clinic is to prevent the move to the outside of the treatment setting in microbes.

sterilizasyon ve dezenfeksiyonPatients seats, all unit surface, all devices on the unit is cleaned with disinfectant spray after each patient, the head of protective covers, stretch film wrapping the other parts are replaced with new ones.

We use all the tools are sterilized in high temperature treatment help. Never used non-sterile equipment. This is done using two types of devices. High temperature, which is starilizat (Dry Air Sterilizer) is the first type of device we use. But any tool can not be put on this device. To be able to sterilize such devices "Autoclave" (Compressed Air Sterilizer) is used. Autoclave with faster, more powerful and is a known fact that all over the world by providing more reliable sterilization.

TAfter treatment is completed, all instruments used Sterilization - is taken to the disinfection unit, there is disinfecting some time in the bath where the solution held instruments, then washed with a special detergent, is passed from the ultrasonic cleaning process. Then well established and switched to the packing stage. After the packaging process instruments are placed in the autoclave. After the autoclave sterilization process is completed are stored in special cabinets packed in sterile equipment unit.

Packaged sterile instruments, and is used when needed in the treatment it opens. The package is opened, torn and definitely used instruments are considered lost sterility. Our responsibility as a health institution, as though it seats comply with all the rules of sterilization as if we were sitting by ourselves, away from potential infection Patients are risks and give health care to keep it in a safe environment.