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There has been a rise in the number of EU citizens who prefers our country for dental treatment for the last a few years. Considering the fact that our patients have chosen us coming from the countries which our Turkish citizens have chosen for the “qualified health service”, we can proudly state that Turkey has reached an undeniable point in terms of medical basic and qualified dentistry. “Health tourism” is one of the fields of service that will contribute to Turkey’s future. Dental treatment services of world standards that include all branches of specialization are presented in our clinic.


"Health tourism” is one of the service areas which will provide a major contribution to Turkey’s future. In our clinic, globally competitive dental service is provided. As it needs a great budget for countries to provide their citizens with health-benefit, they have not been able to fulfil medical help fund for the past years. The fact that European countries have not been able to pay for general health and dental treatments as they could in the past have led their citizens to seek solutions to their medical problems in other countries with lower costs. Health tourism have developed in order to lower the financial costs of medical problems.

The first choice of European citizens for health tourism is Turkey. The fact that medical standards in Turkey and Europe are equal, the fact that the treatment costs are more or less 25% of the costs in European countries and its historical and cultural structures are the reasons why Turkey is preferred for health tourism.

Researches have indicated that ophtal and dental problems are the most popular reasons for foreigners to visit our country for health. The fact that health technology in Turkey is in a high level increases the quality in diagnosis and treatment and reduces the length of their visit in Turkey to minimum.

What expects Turkey in health tourism?

Approximately 43 million people in the USA have no health insurance. Other than that, the insurance packages of 130 million people do not cover dental treatment. In Canada and England there are very long queues for health services. As a result, we have a serious potential in dental treatment. 

How will you be cured in Turkey?