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Frequently Asked Questions

Cause our gums bleed when you brush?
Bleeding of the gums when brushing; wrong, the scrub and remove most of us as a symptom of gingivitis.
Oral and dental health affects your overall health?
In case of bad oral health of the human body is affected in a negative way. The mouth is the starting of the digestive system. Where any bacteria, microorganisms will be distributed to all the other organs of the body and will adversely affect our digestive system. Man is a biological entity. And all the bodies together and work as a whole. It means the illness of one of the other was ill. Oral health begins.
What is the bleaching process and how?
Whitening, in the structure of the teeth (ie, sin into) the process of removing discoloration. It adheres to the clinic by a physician and should not be confused with the surface of teeth and dental plaque removal of tartar. Already for the whitening tooth cleaning to be successful should be done primarily by the physician. After cleaning of all surfaces of the teeth, according to measurements taken orally (personalized as) a transparent plastic mold carrier in the laboratory (plate) was prepared. Places special teeth whitening gel for a well-crafted plaque was removed. Whitening used in the "containing peroxide, carbamide is available in syringes in a special ilaçlardır.set and carrier uygulanır.g mouth tightened to these special places prepared in molds average 6-8 hours (preferably sleep) attached. Having been before for dental fillings and coatings beyazlatılamaz in this way, the colors remain the same ...
Practices such as female taken the place of what can be done?
To fill the resulting gap between the pins is available according to the position of the mouth and teeth several alternatives; implants, bridges, dentures and so on. A lot can be done like intervention.
My child grinds teeth. What should I do?
Generally, children grind their teeth until the age of 6-7 they are considered normal. After this age, you can still get information from a dentist if the grind continues.
What do I do if my child´s tooth pain?
Call your dentist immediately. Some dentists, mouth until your child is brought to treatment with lukewarm water and rinse your face, they suggest you print glands in ice. Dentists recommend that you do is heat application, and never say that you should not put aspirin on the teeth or gums. When aspirin is acidic and placed on the teeth or gums can cause burns. If you use aspirin, make sure it is swallowed. Finally, it also often part of the meal between teeth in children suffering from toothache should know that it is stuck. If you clear the inter-related dental floss gently and you can get immediate relief.
The children fear the dentist and what we need to get used to the dentist?
Small ages dentist "meet" in order to be taken are advised, even in this meeting can be equivalent to the days of their age or for special occasions can be taken much loved by the dentist before going to a place with entertainment purposes. So spend a day in the children's first experience painless and fearless. In later sessions painless as possible interventions should be made. It should be noted that children simply can not know the flash-fire. Events correctly interpret. Made to be spread over time of treatment therefore allows the child to obtain a negative impression about the dentist. The most important period for the arrival of the consequent fear of the dentist is overcome in a healthy way
Why should visit a dentist every 6 months to control?
Skip to intervene in terms of the problems that occur in our mouth, you should visit your dentist every 6 months.
Gum discoloration can be destroyed?
Usually seen in dark-skinned people in the black gum pigment (color cell) accumulation of gum discoloration may occur. In today's technology it is possible to eliminate pigmentation using laser technology.
Should we use dental floss?
Only our toothbrush% 60/70 clears 30% of the rest of the clear, but we know using dental floss. Because the brush does not come between two females.
Our cause yellow teeth? Why not whiter?
Every person has a unique color of the teeth. Just as every human being of unique skin color. Tooth color also varies from individual to each individual.
The color of our teeth can be bleached?Coloration on the top can be?
Nowadays it is possible to whiten teeth using chemical agents. Teeth discoloration can be removed on polythene subjected to the process by physicians.
Is it ever necessary to fill the place of missing teeth?
If you have missing teeth can make your mouth chewing function fully. The right and left teeth cavity begins to tip over into the void. Replace missing teeth structure is essential to preserve the oral introduction of new teeth.
Which should we use toothpaste?
Brand of toothpaste that you use is not important. What matters is the mechanical scrubbing. Is correct brushing. But we must be careful to contain fluoride toothpaste we use when choosing toothpaste. Fluoride is a protective effect on our teeth.
It is good for each tooth inflammation Antibiotics?
No. Antibiotics should not be used without consulting a dentist.
How is rotten?
After eating microorganisms feed on leftover food they produce acid that accumulates on our teeth and disrupt the chemistry of acids acting on our teeth enamel of our teeth and rotted teeth.