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Human Resources

Open Positions

    - Dental Specialists
    - Dentist
    - Dental assistant

For reference; as e-mail your CV to the address or fax to 0282 652 54 94 You can send contacts.

Sevgi Dental Clinic to be successful in industry, continually renewing itself, and market success, and progress is made possible by contributions of its employees as e-mail your CV to the address or fax to 0282 652 54 94 You can send contacts.

Our goal is to achieve the objectives of the company employees' motivation, creativity, and maximize effectiveness. Create equality of opportunity to achieve this goal, reward performance, encourage the development of individuals and teams, is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety requirements are met. In addition, the principle of support for future generations, Love Dentistry, in collaboration with educationaryinstitutions provide internship opportunities for students in a certain number each year.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment, in line with department requirements, the annual plan prepared and periodically updated according to the labor done. The recruitment process, the company's needs begins with identification of positions and profiles.
When we need staff, job adverts in newspapers and other media channels takes place. These ads can be found on our website.

Transmitted via the Internet resumes, job interview appropriate candidates sought the criteria set profiles are compared and it is called. Department officials to identify the most suitable candidate for the position and profile

in the hiring process and interviews cooperate.

Job Application

Simply send your CV. Your resume will be automatically put in our pool of candidates.

Internship Opportunities

Students must apply in person to apply for an internship.